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Invite Teddy to guest on your TV show, documentary, or other media project

As an experienced BDSM and Shibari practitioner, Teddy has made a number of appearances on TV and in documentaries, sharing his knowledge and expertise with audiences around the world. He is passionate about educating and informing the public about the art and culture of BDSM and Shibari, and he is always open to participating in more educational and informative programs.

If you're interested in having Teddy participate in your TV show, documentary, or other media project, please fill out the form below to inquire about his availability and pricing. Teddy is committed to providing engaging and informative content that accurately represents BDSM and Shibari in a positive and respectful light.

Teddy's experience in front of the camera and his deep knowledge of BDSM and Shibari make him an excellent choice for any media project that aims to educate and inform the public about these arts. He is also available for interviews and Q&A sessions, and he can provide expert commentary on a range of topics related to kink and power dynamics.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to bring a respected and knowledgeable expert to your media project. Fill out the form below to get in touch with Teddy and learn more about how he can enhance your program with his expertise and insight.

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